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Coastal Vacations for Life....

For as little as $1295.00 (one time fee)

you can have a lifetime membership to Coastal Vacations and have access to an unlimited supply of Complimentary Vacations.

You may give it away to your family, friends, boss or just spoil yourself for fun.

Also, it's great to use these vacation vouchers to help promote your business such as:


Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Broker, Banker, Insurance Agent, Restaurant owner and many more to give away to your clients if you're running a business. 

  Once you purchase the package, you're a lifetime member ($89.95 to renew annually for the discount cards), it's yours to keep.  No worries to for the cost.  When you go for a 3 days/2 nights Hotel Accommodations, all you pay for is the hotel tax and surcharge.  Also some vacations are wholesale price. 


Need more information and want to see the actual products, contact Coastal Travel 4 Ever and we will come and show you how it works.

If you want to try a vacation voucher first before buying a lifetime coastal package at $1295.00 or more, contact us and we'll send one at no cost. (All you will need is to pay hotel tax and surcharge when you make a reservation).


My Comments:

If my cousin told me this product earlier, I wouldn't have to work so hard to save money to go on a trip.  I'm glad I'm a coastal life time member and I can go any time, any day.  Save a lot of money.~Pang~